Technology and Livelihood Education 8 Quarter 1 – Module 2: Home Economics – Dressmaking Obtain Measurements

This module was designed and written with you in mind. It is here to help you master the basics of Dressmaking. The language used recognizes the diverse vocabulary level of students. The lessons are arranged to follow the standard sequence of the course. But the order in which you read them can be changed to correspond with the textbook you are now using. This is intended to provide a clear understanding on how to carry out measurements and calculations.

This module is composed of:

  • Lesson 1 – Obtain Measurements

After going through this module, you are expected to:

• Take accurate body measurements

• Read and record the required measurements

• Apply the systems of measurements

• Perform simple calculations based on the job Requirement

• Demonstrates accurate reading measurements

• Assess the appropriateness of design based on the client’s features

• Read specifications

• Appreciate the principles of design and color harmonies


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