Technology and Livelihood Education 6 (Home Economics) Module 11: Principles and Skills in Food Preservation

Food preservation usually involves preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. It also includes processes to inhibit natural aging and discoloration that occur during food preparation. Thus, the principles of various methods for food preservation are as prevention or delay of microbial decomposition and delay of self-decomposition of food.

This module was designed and written to help you preserve food by applying principles and skills in food preservation/processing.

The module is divided into two lessons, namely:

• Lesson 1 – Selecting Food to be Preserved/ Processed

• Lesson 2 – Observe Safety Rules in Food Preservation

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. select food to be preserved based on the availability of raw materials, market demands, and trends in the community; and

2. observe safety rules in food preservation/processing


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