Technology and Livelihood Education 6 (Agri-Fishery Arts) Module 9: Animal Raising

Meat from animals is a good source of protein. Thus, most families particularly in the rural areas, raise animals for food. It is because animal raising does not only supply the family with food rich in protein that the body needs but it adds greatly to the income of the family.

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. Conduct survey to find out:

1.1 persons in the community whose occupation is animal
(four-legged) raising

1.2 kinds of four-legged animals being raised as means of livelihood

1.3 possible hazards caused by animal raising to the people and community

1.4 ways to prevent possible hazards brought about by raising animals

1.5 market demands for animals’ product and by-products

1.6 direct customers or retailers

1.7 benefits that can be derived from animal raising

1.8 stories of successful entrepreneurs in animal raising.


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