Technology and Livelihood Education 6 (Agri-Fishery Arts) Module 2: Trees and Fruit-Bearing Trees

Tree is a woody perennial plant, having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height, bearing lateral branches of some distance from the ground. Examples of which are Narra, Molave, Ipil-ipil, Mahogany, Gemelina, Acacia, etc. Fruit-bearing trees are trees which bear fruit, these products of trees are used as source of livelihood for some people. Furthermore, fruits are known as regulating food of the body and a good source of some vitamins.

This module covers topics on trees and fruit-bearing trees. After going through this module, you are expected to use technology in the conduct of survey to find out the:

1. elements to be observed in planting trees and fruit-bearing trees;

2. market demands for trees; and

3. famous orchard farms in the country.


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