Grade 7 Arts Module: MIMAROPA and Visayas: States of the Art Indeed! Crafts and Accessories, and Body Ornamentation (MIMAROPA and Visayas)

Learning Competencies

The learner:

1. creates crafts that can be locally assembled with local materials, guided by local traditional techniques;

2. derives elements from traditional history/ history of a community for one’s artwork; and

3. correlates the development of crafts in specific areas of the country, according to functionality, traditional specialized expertise and availability of resources (e.g., architecture, weaving, pottery, accessories, masks, and culinary arts).

How are things coming along? I’m sure you did enjoy your previous learning experience. With a bunch of acquired new knowledge in your learning bag right now, I believe you still have open pockets ready to receive a handful of learning today. From having to learn the fabrics, textiles and tapestries of MIMAROPA and Visayas, you will surely have an amazing experience as you start discovering more of these two beautiful regions.

Ever had an experience of being amazed upon seeing crafts that your mother brought home from a travel? Or have you ever been enticed as you looked at displays in stores in tourist destinations where your family had once visited? Pretty cool and good as I see it for you. These artworks, normally would be local products of places where a person arrived from.

Just as how the weaving cultures of MIMAROPA and Visayas are rich, people in these areas have also developed creative ways to make crafts and accessories that are marvelous enough to represent their localities very well, too. From crafting techniques that were given birth by primitive indigenous groups to cultures of ornamentation that have long served as pillars of livelihood in each respective community, these two groups of islands have so much in store for those who would come to visit them. In fact, these can be best mirrored on how they have incorporated their artistry in putting touches of them in designing their households, establishments and even their bodies.

Are you also a fan of any specific craft collection or of crafts and accessories in general? That alone will keep you immersed in this learning experience.

In this module, you will learn about the different crafts, accessories and body ornamentation cultures in the Southern Tagalog and Visayan islands. This learning chapter will help you understand better how crafting techniques have been developed and organized and were embraced by its people until they became fundamental to each of these communities.

Before we proceed to our main topic, let us try to check on the learning that you have obtained in the previous module. You have been immersed to a learning experience about how the different elements and principles of art influenced the creativity of the people of Southern Tagalog and Visayas region in crafting a variety of art forms that are prominent to these two distinctive regions. Now let’s see how well you knew about them. Try this one!

Activity #1: Name It

Directions: Name the term being defined by the following statements. Write your answers on your activity notebook.

1. It is a wrap- around piece of cloth worn by women as a skirt and usually paired with kimona.

2. To form cloth, fabric or textiles through interlacing means

3. It is a woven or knitted material.

4. Heavy cloth that has designs or pictures woven into it and is used for curtains, wall hangings, etc.

5. A world class industry of weaving in Negros Occidental.

Learning Objectives:

In this module, you will be able to:

1. determine the different materials and techniques used in crafts and accessories, and body ornamentation in MIMAROPA and Visayas;

2. create/ draw crafts and accessories using local materials and techniques while incorporating traditions and history of communities in MIMAROPA and Visayas in crafting one’s artwork;

3. analyze the elements and principles of arts in relation to historical, traditional, functional and cultural influences; and

4. appreciate the cultural and functional relevance of the crafts, accessories and body ornamentation of MIMAROPA and Visayas.

Grade 7 Arts Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: MIMAROPA and Visayas: States of the Art Indeed! Crafts and Accessories, and Body Ornamentation (MIMAROPA and Visayas)


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