Mathematics 8 Quarter 1 – Module 2 Solving Problems Involving Factors of Polynomials

In this module, you will discover that the different methods of factoring can be used and applied in solving word problems. The scope of this material involves real-world encounters that can be defined mathematically using polynomial factoring. You are going to look at factoring at the real world and see how to solve word problems with reasonable solutions involving area, perimeter or finding two numbers that are consecutive values or create an equation that you are going to solve with accuracy and using variety of strategies.

This module contains:

Lesson 1- Solving Problems Involving Factors of Polynomials

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. recall the different techniques of factoring polynomials;

2. apply the concept of factoring in solving related problems; and

3. describe the importance of understanding factoring and its application to real-life;


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