Health 7 Quarter 1 – Module 5: Health Services

In the previous lesson, you have learned about health appraisal and screening procedures. You also learned about different screening tests to attain holistic health. The next chapter deals with health services that are offered in the school and in the community to help you attain healthy living.

It is true that health is one of our treasures! We can’t do anything if we are not in good condition. As what the saying goes, “Health is wealth”, every individual deserves to have a healthy body and a healthy mind as well.

Even the government does its initiatives like campaigns and advocacies in schools and in every community to safeguard our health.

As a grade 7 student, it is your responsibility to impart knowledge and be an advocate of health to your classmates, school mates, family, and in the community you live in. With that, this module will help you to learn information and understand health services.

The module focuses on this lesson:

Lesson 1 – Growth and Development: Health Services

After going through this module, you are expected to:
• avail of health services in the school and in the community in order to appraise one’s health. H7GD-Ii-j-24


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