Grade 7 Science Module: Be in Charge! Be Electrifying! (Charging by Conduction)

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Hi! Have a great day! Welcome to the nature of Physics, wherein you will learn the nature of electricity around us. Do you know the energy needed to operate your appliances, gadgets and other machines? Yes, electricity is the main reason why those things are functional.

Electricity is a form of energy we encounter in everyday life. Lightning is an example of static electricity in nature. Electrical discharge is produced by the frictional generation and separation of positive and negative charges. It originates from the motion of charges. We are grateful and lucky enough that this kind of energy is present and available to humans for without it, most of the devices that we use today would be useless. In this module, you will learn the different types of charging processes. You will also study how objects can be charged. Knowing this lesson is very essential in your future use especially in understanding how electricity functions.

Most Essential Learning Competency:

  • Describe the different types of charging processes.

This module focuses specifically on:

  • Charging by Conduction

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. describe electricity using charges and the motion of these charges;

2. describe the different kinds of charging processes; and

3. differentiate the types of charging processes.

Grade 7 Science Quarter 3 Self-Learning Module: Be in Charge! Be Electrifying! (Charging by Conduction)


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