Grade 7 Arts Module: Carving Out Your Niche Discovering the Visual Art Forms of Mindanao

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How’s your learning experience been so far in the previous expedition you embarked on? Surely you have acquired a lot of new insights about some of the art styles and designs found only in Mindanao. There are still plenty of art forms to discover at this point, and there will even be opportunities to recreate these works with your own personal touch.

The wide variety of art forms in Mindanao continues to preserve and uphold the beliefs and cultures of its peoples who mostly identify with ethnic groups. The previous modules took you through a journey wherein you learned just how their art mirrors their culture and traditions, and this will be a continuation of that discussion. Not only were you given a chance to explore and distinguish the characteristics of art forms and why they were built or created, but you were also able to know which among the provinces in Mindanao were identified as the localities of artifacts holding great historical significance.

This time, you will get acquainted with how these arts and crafts of Mindanao are made by familiarizing yourself with the local materials used and the creative processes or techniques that are employed to create such pieces. Along the way, you will identify the principles and elements of art as seen across all art forms.

Learning Objectives

In this module, you will be able to:

1. determine the different materials used in some of the varied art forms of Mindanao presented;

2. attempt to recreate and design artworks inspired by the local materials and techniques of specific areas in Mindanao while considering the principles and elements of art, and show appreciation for the importance, functionality and cultural relevance of Mindanao’s notable art forms.

Grade 7 Arts Quarter 3 Self-Learning Module: Carving Out Your Niche Discovering the Visual Art Forms of Mindanao


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