General Mathematics Module: Different Markets for Stocks and Bonds

This Self-Learning Module (SLM) is prepared so that you, our dear learners, can continue your studies and learn while at home. Activities, questions, directions, exercises, and discussions are carefully stated for you to understand each lesson.

Each SLM is composed of different parts. Each part shall guide you step-by- step as you discover and understand the lesson prepared for you.

Have you ever heard stocks and bonds? Have you ever experienced to borrow money from your parent or friend and had to pay it back with interest?

This module was designed and written for learners like you to describe how stocks and bonds work. This lesson will also prepare you to be financially independent and succeed in the near future.

In this topic, learners are expected to demonstrate understanding of basic concepts of stocks and bonds. Learners should also be able to use appropriate financial instruments involving stocks and bonds in formulating conclusions and making decisions.

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. solve problems involving stock valuation,

2. solve for the face value and redemption value of bonds, and

3. solve for the bond premium and discount on bonds.

Please use this module with care. Do not put unnecessary marks on any part of this SLM. Use a separate sheet of paper in answering the exercises and tests. And read the instructions carefully before performing each task.

General Mathematics Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Different Markets for Stocks and Bonds


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