Empowerment Technologies Quarter 1 – Module 1.2: Software Application and Platforms

This module introduces varied online platforms, sites, and content used by people in different settings in practical and daily living. It also discusses different categories of each online platform, their uses, and their advantages in connecting with other people.

You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge of social media and other technological tools in getting information, performing online payments, communicating, doing trade, and business with different people in the world. Also, you are to realize the impact of these platforms in the global world. You have to write an insight into on the nature of ICT, and understand its implications for intercultural communication.

Each activity is given with exercises to let you grasp the discussion through a range of knowledge base questions, to process their higher-order thinking
skills, and constructively make them get realizations about the lessons learned.

The module mainly focuses on one lesson:

  • Lesson 2 – Software Applications and Platforms

After going through this module, you are expected to:

  • compare and contrast the nuances of varied online platforms, sites, and content to achieve specific class objectives or address situational challenges.

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