Earth and Life Science Quarter 1 – Module 11: Formation of Rock Layers

The content of this module focuses on the concepts of rock layer formation and its correlation. Every rock layer is, for the most part, one of various parallel rock layers that lies upon another which exhibits specific or similar characteristics.

Since the concept about rocks and its types were discussed in the previous lesson, this module serves as a continuation of how rocks produce strata and what they may become once they are separated from its original rock layer. It also involves the possibilities of knowing the relative age of each rock layer due to the presence of fossils it contains.

The module is divided into two lessons, namely:

  • Lesson1: Rock Layers
  • Lesson 2: Correlation of Rock Layers

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. describe how layers of stratified rocks are formed.

2. describe the different laws of stratigraphy.

3. determine how geologists correlate rock layers.

4. reflect on human environmental practices that may contribute to the alteration on the Earth surface, particularly the rock layers; and

5. illustrate an outcrop of rock layers applying the law of stratigraphy.


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