DepEd Kindergarten Module Quarter 1: Week 3 Learning Experiences

Welcome to the Kindergarten Learning Experiences (KLE) for Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM)!

This learning resource was aligned with the identified Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) applicable to the child’s real-life situations. This is collaboratively designed, developed, and reviewed by educators both from public and private institutions to assist the teacher or facilitator in helping the learners meet the standards set by the K to 12 Curriculum while overcoming their personal, social, and economic constraints in schooling.

This learning resource hopes to engage the learners in guided and independent learning activities at their own pace and time.

Furthermore, this also aims to help learners acquire the needed 21st-century skills while taking into consideration their needs and circumstances.

As a facilitator, you are expected to prepare the needed materials in advance. If the suggested materials in the activities herein are not available, it is advised that you will utilize whatever is in the locality.

You also need to keep track of the learners’ progress while allowing them to learn through play. Furthermore, you are expected to encourage and assist the learners as they do the tasks included in the material.

Content Standards:

The child demonstrates an understanding of objects in the environment have properties or attributes (e.g., color, size, shapes, and function/use).

Performance Standards:

The child shall be able to manipulate objects based on properties or attributes.

Most Essential Learning Competencies:

Sort and classify objects according to one attribute/property (shape, color, size, function/use)

Content Focus: I can manipulate objects based on properties or attributes.

DepEd Learning Module for Kindergarten Quarter 1 – Week 3


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