DepEd Criteria for Entry to Senior High School (SHS) Tracks/Strands

The utilization of the career assessment results shall support the national framework on career guidance, which will be released in another issuance. Reporting and interpretation of the results shall be used in career advocacy, career guidance, and homeroom guidance.

The career assessment results shall also be used for entry assessment to the specific Senior High School (SHS) tracks/strands in all public and private schools. Prior to entering SHS, the aptitude of students in select programs shall be measured in order to ensure that they have the potential to complete the program.

There will be a required cut-off score for students who wish to enroll in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand. The Final Grade both in Science and Math in Grade 10 should be 85 and above. Learners should also have at least a percentile rank of 86 and above in the STEM subtest in the career assessment exam.

There will be two screenings for students who wish to enroll in the Sports and Arts and Design Tracks. The first screening will be the results of the career assessment in the corresponding subtests. Aptitude should be at least a percentile rank of 51 and above.

The second screening for the Sports Track will be done through skills-related fitness tests which will be administered by the accepting schools. For the Arts and Design Track, the second screening will be through a performance and skills assessment which will also be administered by the accepting schools.

There will be no prescribed cut-off for scholastic grades and scores in any subtest for those who desire to enter into the Humanities and Social Science (HUMSS) Strand, the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) Strand, and the Technical-Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) Track.

A summary of the criteria for entry to the Senior High School (SHS) Tracks/Strands are shown in the table below:


Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Strand
Accountancy, Business and Management StrandHumanities and Social Science StrandGeneral Academic StrandSports TrackArts and Design TrackTechnical Vocational Livelihood Track
Scholastic Grades at Grade 10Final Grade no lower than 85 both in Math and ScienceNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Career Examination ResultsPercentile rank of 86 and above in the STEM subtestNoneNoneNonePercentile rank of 51 and above in the corresponding career subtestsPercentile rank of 51 and above in the corresponding career subtestsNone
Alternative Entry RequirementsWriteup of scientific inquiry process, draft experiment, and other such summative assessmentsSimple business concept/ idea, marketing ideas, and other such summative assessmentsEssay on current social issues, short story or articles, book/movie reviews, and other such summative assessmentsEssay on a project of interest, project plan, and other such summative assessmentsSkills-related fitness tests administered by the accepting schoolsPerformance and skills assessment administered by the accepting schoolsLivelihood project idea/s, and other such summative assessments

Accepting schools shall administer alternative entry requirements as needed. Schools may also opt to have other alternative assessments aside from those in the table above. These assessments should be in line with their chosen track/strand.

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6 thoughts on “DepEd Criteria for Entry to Senior High School (SHS) Tracks/Strands”

  1. Sir/Mam,

    Ask ko lang po if anung Deped Order or Deped Memo makikita po itong
    DepEd Criteria for Entry to Senior High School (SHS) Tracks/Strands

    i ddownload ko lang po sana for our reference po.

    salamat po.

  2. Ang isang estudyante po ba na ang grade sa English ay 90 at ang kanyang Science ay 91 at ang kanyang Math ay 83 ay hindi po ba maaaring mag enrol ng STEM? Kung ang bata ay ito ang gustong kunin. Hindi po ba talaga pwedeng kunin ang STEM?

  3. Sir/Madam
    May you please let me know the Deped Order number if any, relating to criteria for entry to Senior High School. And is there any amendment to this because as we consider our students now a days are having hard time to get high grade(real learnings I mean) that is basically justifiable with a modular mode of teaching. Like such for STEM strand having 85% final grade in Math and in Science that has no strong basis that the student really earn it with real understanding and not earning it from copying maybe may qualify for that track?. I’d like to have a strong reference on the track qualifying rules. Thanks in advance for any reply. GOD BLESS.

  4. Pwede Po bang mag lipat ng strand kapag grade 12 na nong grade 11 kasi Ako ay gas tapos average ko lang ay 82 Peru nong grade 10 Po Ako 90 average Po ako gusto kopo sana ng stem ngayong 12 grade ko

  5. Ano po bang pwede Kong kunin Kong strand? Ang problem ko lng po yung Filipino at science ko lng po ay below 83 lng po.pwede po ba ako GAS strand? Pero grade average ko po ay 87. O pwede po ba ako sa Stem?


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