21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Quarter 1 – Module 1: Introduction to Philippine Literature

In general, this module aims to encourage the learners to appreciate and critically study the various dimensions, genres, elements, structures, contexts, and traditions of the 21st Century Literature from the Philippines. Moreover, the learners are expected to show understanding and appreciation of 21st Century Philippine literature from the regions by writing a close analysis and critical interpretation of literary texts and by doing an adaptation using various multimedia platforms. As an introductory part, Module 1 gives information on literature and its forms before having an overview of Philippine literature.

The module covers only one topic, that is:

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Philippine Literature

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. identify literature and its various genres, forms, elements, and traditions;

2. differentiate/compare and contrast the various 21st century literary genres and the ones from the earlier genres/periods citing their elements, structures and traditions;

3. recognize the various influences that affect the type of literature produced in the Philippines; and

4. express appreciation of literature by identifying its benefits through composition writing.


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